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Tatum Miranda aka Venus, is an actress, model and singer. She was born on a US military base in Belgium and grew up around the Air Force traveling. Tatum’s nationality is of mixed European decent. Growing up in seven different countries helped Tatum to become a very humble and hard working artist. She loves to travel and study different cultures and she took Archeology/Anthropology college courses when she was still in high school. She said if she wasn’t in the entertainment business she would have went to school for Egyptology which was her favorite subject growing up. She went to High School and UAA in Alaska. She entered college as a Music Major and attended for a year before deciding to move to LA.

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music and film. Tatum is a classically trained singer/songwriter who studied Foreign Opera and was in an award winning Choir for 4 years. She is an independent recording artist who is managed by her producer Ocean Marciano who is the head of Silent Killers which also includes Supa Nova and Matt Cash. She records out of her own private studio now known as Silent Killers Studio, which she hopes to open as a professional recording studio in the future. She is working to complete her first album titled Sub Rosa with a 2015 release date. Her music is a fusion of pop and new age. She likes to incorporate unique sounds and lots of percussion into her tracks. Her influences include: Madonna, Sade, Enigma and Katy Perry. She looks forward to combining her passion of music with film.

Tatum is relatively new to acting. She joined the Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio in Feb 2014 and his been pushing her limits ever since. She has worked on the sets of “Horrible Bosses 2” directed by Sean Anders for New Line Cinema, “Cat Run 2” directed by John Stockwell for Lleju Productions, and she recently finished filming her first lead role in the film “Most Likely To Die” directed by Anthony DiBlasi. Tatum is also starring as Nyla in a new Star Wars fan film titled “Rise of the Empire” which starts shooting May 2015. She is a SAG-AFTRA member and is working to join the Writer’s Guild as well. She is currently working on writing two feature length screenplays.

Tatum has also had much success as a fitness/bikini model. She began modeling at a very young age and discovered her love for swimwear around the age of 16. She began working as a ring-girl at the local boxing matches in Anchorage, AK. When she was 18 she began modeling for Ujena Swimwear which soon became like a family to her and she traveled internationally to model for them. She also landed a year long campaign in Tel Aviv, Israel for Afrodita. She continues to model on the side.


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